Monday, August 4, 2014

That's what He said

     From Adam and Eve till Adam and Steve, there persists one institution that has become more of an obsession today. From pinkie promises and promise rings to solitaires studded in silver, it bears the same connotation which we seem to be needing, to desperately define our lives with. 

  Why must the precious pearls of our society constantly indicate the implications of a woman's role? I know a woman's place is in the kitchen. Maybe it is so because women more likely know what they're doing in there, as opposed to our half-man-half-child counter-species. The intended insult erroneously backlashes and whips them right back in the face. Ka-toosh. it isn't surprising that their feeble minds have not yet reckoned the fact that the same insult is actually belittling themselves for not being able to do a woman's job. Now I am not trying to raise a sexist argument here, but the person(by person i mean men) who feels a woman's place is in the kitchen is merely pointing out the adequacy of the counter(by counter I mean superior) species. And in the process are indicating their own incompetencies therefore nullifying the insult. 


     Ah the female stereotype. Have we not seen enough women atop Royal Enfeilds , enough women in WWE, enough women competing in championships of sorts, women working manual labour, women heading companies and so on. Can it be that a large part of our fellow inhabitants of the earth still veritably believe that it's "A Man's world" despite 'chicks' defying the norms and repeatedly upping their game while men lean back thinking "I got this". No. You don't got this. You stopped getting this a long time ago, around the time when the fairer sex realised that they too have "got this".  

     So why can’t we all just share the playground as opposed to popular belief that one sex must supersede the other. Did it ever occur to anyone that man and woman did not come into existence just to fight over who is stronger, smarter or richer. Its because of people like that, that now people like myself have to shell out our time and words trying to yell out the obvious. 

   Mind you, initially I never had any qualms with agreeing that men are stronger than women. I was comfortable with accepting that up until absurd encounters not only with male but as well as with females who believe it to be ludicrous to try to “live” on par with men. Apart from women being portrayed as sex thingamajig, another section of the media is desperately trying to convince the audience that girls can be boys too. Probably being scoffed at by the people who in all likeliness have switched off their ability to explore and accept a ‘new reality’ if you will. 

   One final thought , to the women - its really cool that some girls like glitter and gloss, and some girls really don’t like that shit. There are of course people who are confused in the middle,  those that remain sort of wary about stilettos and don’t like to indulge much in ‘girly behaviours’ as per the norms of girly. In fact there are yet another sect of modern women that run around pointlessly nude in the name of feminism. Yeah yeah we get it, we know that women are just as impressive as men can be, there’s no need to display thy lady parts. Display thy intelligence for that will never prove to be in vain. 
     To the men - women can and will continue to accomplish all the things that you thought they could not. Don’t let your preconceived assumptions about women manifest in the relationships with the women in your life. Think about it really, how would it make the male race feel if women claimed that men are far less intelligent in comparison or that they have no sense of shame or that… oh wait.  


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