Sunday, April 13, 2014


     Having loved, learnt and lost, perhaps I have no choice but to propel myself forward into the abundant bounties of the world. Through my experiences I have learnt that Hope is but a mere state of being in which we literally expect for miracles to happen. The word Hope in my books is not so much a positive characteristic as it is (as I see it) a state of mind that we adopt in order to not lose our sanity. It can be a positive state of mind for many unlike myself but I have found that an accepting state of mind helps more. Sometimes a superior superpower fiddles with the twines of our destinies and I feel it better to accept whatever may come rather than to 'hope' for something better to happen. 

  I find that it humbles me and that it snatches my head back down from the clouds. It always reminds me of who or what I am to be. It can get very confusing and at the end I might not even have the right conclusion but the mere fact that life or rather God, fuck our shit up once in a while to remind us of whose boss. Because ultimately the sooner your realize that you don't hold control of your life as much as you thought you did, maybe that will help. 

     Some people rarely credit anyone else but themselves for their success'. Arrogance - to say the least. It is a pity to see some that are unable to pick up on vibrations and accept that luck, good karma and destiny play a pivotal role as good fortune doesn't just follow people around. 

     Having wisdom and courage to accept difficult things is definitely harder. but better in the long run. Maybe what we want might not be whats good for us, who is to confirm or deny this? No one but time will reveal all. 

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