Wednesday, February 27, 2013


     As much as I'd like for everyone in the world to have the same views and faith as I do, there is seldom much I can do about it other than explain to those who are curious to know. Its one thing to want to spread the message of your beliefs but in my opinion it is unacceptable to go around pointing fingers and debunking others beliefs. It is not right or fair for people like "Best Selling Author" Robert Spencer to go out of his way to prove his point which is that Islam is a harmful, violent derogatory faith. 
     Terrorists are primarily the foolish and ignorant self-proclaimed message carriers but what excuses do educated, intelligent, supposedly peace-loving non-muslims have? The solution or rather the means to not aggravate the problem is to understand that one cannot combat hate with hate. More violence is not the solution to ending the prevailing violence and pointing fingers and spreading hate messages will not prove fruitful. 
     The solution is neither complicated nor far-fetched. It is the simplest act a man can do- look the other way, turn your other cheek. If you think about it you'll understand that it is difficult to hate a person who is humble and modest in nature. It seems almost wrong to belittle them and to use them as scapegoats.
     The Quran being an ancient Arabic text requires translating and even then a literal translation cannot be obtained. Essentially many parts of the Quran are written metaphorically as well as in a poetic manner- lets keep in mind that the method of understanding poetry is to read between the lines. Having said that, there is no "true" translation till date. The available translations are what seemed to make the most sense to the respective translators and apart from the translations, the understanding from it is open to each one's perception for no one can truly testify that their opinion and understanding is the true one. 
     I feel its time for people of the world to discover, shape and strengthen their beliefs and mind their own faith, practices and prejudices. Live your life trying to be the best that you can be, don't take the time out of your life to stop and call someone else's beliefs a bluff. Instead show tolerance and respect to others and others will tolerate and respect you. Its not rocket science.