Sunday, September 9, 2012

     Islam has been a very misinterpreted and misjudged religion. What knowledge I write with, about Islam, is my own understanding and interpretation of the Quran and hadiths (sayings of the proofer Muhammad).  

    Very many times Muslims portray themselves and take pride in portraying themselves in a very extremist light. But then again, a sane person should be able to recognize the difference between an extremist and non extremist Muslim both of whom practice the very same principles of islam. I feel that that over-the-top outlook that they exhibit is their understanding of Islam. But that doesn't necessarily mean they are right and others are wrong. I happen to feel its not alright to strap a bomb to yourself and attempt to give out a message that way. That only proves their level of ignorance in terms of understanding the real philosophies that Islam teaches. 

   Take for example the word 'Jihad'. The word Jihad is an Islamic term. In Arabic the word translates as a noun meaning "struggle". Struggle for what or for whom? It does not say anywhere. But in todays world the word Jihad is loosely associated with terrorism and terrorist activities albeit most don't know what it really even means. 

   The Quran contains verses that encourage you to teach others about islam and how it is a way of life. It also says that no person should be forced to accept Islam without their will to do so. 

   Other verses talk about how people died for Islam in 'holy wars' against well mainly the Jews. It says in the Quran that any person who faces death defending their religion or fighting for religion gets a one way ticket into Heaven. Today's lazy ignorant extremist Muslims might be so stupid to think this to be their chance of a "holy war" and run around exploding themselves and killing innocent people around in the process. That is not a loophole you dull-witted dim-wits. That won't take you to Heaven. If only the irrationals would pause and really think about the outcome of their actions or even attempt to understand the philosophies of Islam, they would definitely stop terrorizing.

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