Thursday, August 7, 2008


Amethyst.. Homely, shady and green. It has been a haven for many, myself included. The place isn't exactly packed during weekdays, but if you're looking for some quiet then I would highly recommend spending a few hours at Amethyst during late afternoons on weekdays. Amethyst has been known for its share of people spending some alone time there writing, reading or just relaxing while nibbling on sandwhiches or desserts or sipping on fresh juices, teas or hot and/or cold coffees.

I pride myslef in being a regular at Amethyst for the past five years. Since I live in Dubai now, I can't help but regular the place every few days when I'm in town. I always go there equipped with my 'essentials' : a book, my trusty ipod, my mobile phone, wallet and a notebook and pen in case a sudden burst of inspiration hits me. I found myself wanting to go to Amethyst to write at many instances. But when I'd get there I'd completely zone out and find myself to be at a complete loss of words. Somehow I'd forget why I was craving to go there in the first place and forget what it was that I had intended to write about. Other times I'd think the randomest thoughts and draw the best of conclusions while there on my own.

Many times I'd find myself observing people around me, - the couples, elderly people, businessmen, journalist-type women writing away in their notebooks or groups of friends just hanging out. A day like today where the clouds look heavy and the atmosphere smells of rain would be perfect for a few hours at Amethyst.
As a matter of fact, I'm heading there right now :)