Monday, August 4, 2014

That's what He said

     From Adam and Eve till Adam and Steve, there persists one institution that has become more of an obsession today. From pinkie promises and promise rings to solitaires studded in silver, it bears the same connotation which we seem to be needing, to desperately define our lives with. 

  Why must the precious pearls of our society constantly indicate the implications of a woman's role? I know a woman's place is in the kitchen. Maybe it is so because women more likely know what they're doing in there, as opposed to our half-man-half-child counter-species. The intended insult erroneously backlashes and whips them right back in the face. Ka-toosh. it isn't surprising that their feeble minds have not yet reckoned the fact that the same insult is actually belittling themselves for not being able to do a woman's job. Now I am not trying to raise a sexist argument here, but the person(by person i mean men) who feels a woman's place is in the kitchen is merely pointing out the adequacy of the counter(by counter I mean superior) species. And in the process are indicating their own incompetencies therefore nullifying the insult. 


     Ah the female stereotype. Have we not seen enough women atop Royal Enfeilds , enough women in WWE, enough women competing in championships of sorts, women working manual labour, women heading companies and so on. Can it be that a large part of our fellow inhabitants of the earth still veritably believe that it's "A Man's world" despite 'chicks' defying the norms and repeatedly upping their game while men lean back thinking "I got this". No. You don't got this. You stopped getting this a long time ago, around the time when the fairer sex realised that they too have "got this".  

     So why can’t we all just share the playground as opposed to popular belief that one sex must supersede the other. Did it ever occur to anyone that man and woman did not come into existence just to fight over who is stronger, smarter or richer. Its because of people like that, that now people like myself have to shell out our time and words trying to yell out the obvious. 

   Mind you, initially I never had any qualms with agreeing that men are stronger than women. I was comfortable with accepting that up until absurd encounters not only with male but as well as with females who believe it to be ludicrous to try to “live” on par with men. Apart from women being portrayed as sex thingamajig, another section of the media is desperately trying to convince the audience that girls can be boys too. Probably being scoffed at by the people who in all likeliness have switched off their ability to explore and accept a ‘new reality’ if you will. 

   One final thought , to the women - its really cool that some girls like glitter and gloss, and some girls really don’t like that shit. There are of course people who are confused in the middle,  those that remain sort of wary about stilettos and don’t like to indulge much in ‘girly behaviours’ as per the norms of girly. In fact there are yet another sect of modern women that run around pointlessly nude in the name of feminism. Yeah yeah we get it, we know that women are just as impressive as men can be, there’s no need to display thy lady parts. Display thy intelligence for that will never prove to be in vain. 
     To the men - women can and will continue to accomplish all the things that you thought they could not. Don’t let your preconceived assumptions about women manifest in the relationships with the women in your life. Think about it really, how would it make the male race feel if women claimed that men are far less intelligent in comparison or that they have no sense of shame or that… oh wait.  


Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Oh no. Women can't drive!"

     As if it seemed not worse enough to be born well-endowed, to be curvaceous and to be feminine, we the ‘fairer sex’ have been blessed with only the charm of allure. Like most generations we were born into an era where women are apparently ‘empowered’ and ‘independent’ and don’t stand to take anyone that tells them otherwise. Unfortunately we stand corrected, by not only societal norms but by our own parents that refute the things that they deem us ‘unfit’ for or what may seem ‘dangerous’ for us. Which essentially boils down to still desiring or aiming to do certain somethings in life that we as women were never encouraged to do. 

Does that make us rebellious? Not in the least. Maybe it makes our dreams seem delusional or far-fetched because little girls in frilly frocks are never told they can be corporate giants or fire-fighters or professional racers if they pleased. I was told that I could be whatever I wanted provided its  ‘respectable’ and that it falls within their guidelines. It makes me crinkle me nose in displeasure to think that I reserved some aspirations for “when I grow up”, and here I am soundly aware of why I need to let go of some of dreams. I need to let go because I realise its too late for me to get started, mostly due to the unforgiving nature of how ‘systems’ work. 

My intention is not to point fingers towards anybody but to merely acknowledge the fact that parents’ consideration get converted into crutches that never want to let us stand on our own. Not because they wish evil upon us but because they are too afraid to let us try to walk alone. 

   I can say with ease that it feels almost like we are cheated of abundant what could-have-beens. It would be unfair if I did not vouch for our generation of young adults at large in this matter, but from a woman’s point of view I am more compelled to speak for fellow Indian women. 

  Getting to the root of the matter, it is a widespread mentality with regard to women that “women can’t do this and that or “women can only be so and so”. The fact of the matter is that it is an inbred perspective mostly by men and women that believe that women should be confined to stereotypical positions. They cannot be blamed for they form their opinions based on what they have seen and heard previously. Unfortunately for them, us, the Y gen. are much less rigid in our thinking and we tend to get mangled in all the endless possibilities. Its rather hopeful of us, maybe even cute that we believe that each one of us is destined for greatness, based on some quote that told us so. Still there is vast untapped potential cloaked beneath the social stigma of how women should be. 

  To all the fathers, brothers, husbands and partners, dare the little girls and the women in your life to be extraordinary. Encourage what drives them, even if you don’t necessarily understand or support it. You had a chance at your life, let them have theirs too. Be fair. Under no circumstance must phrases like “its a man’s job” or “women aren’t good at it” ever be uttered from anybody’s mouth. Because God forbid if they prove you otherwise, you better start stretching to put that foot in your mouth. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014


     Having loved, learnt and lost, perhaps I have no choice but to propel myself forward into the abundant bounties of the world. Through my experiences I have learnt that Hope is but a mere state of being in which we literally expect for miracles to happen. The word Hope in my books is not so much a positive characteristic as it is (as I see it) a state of mind that we adopt in order to not lose our sanity. It can be a positive state of mind for many unlike myself but I have found that an accepting state of mind helps more. Sometimes a superior superpower fiddles with the twines of our destinies and I feel it better to accept whatever may come rather than to 'hope' for something better to happen. 

  I find that it humbles me and that it snatches my head back down from the clouds. It always reminds me of who or what I am to be. It can get very confusing and at the end I might not even have the right conclusion but the mere fact that life or rather God, fuck our shit up once in a while to remind us of whose boss. Because ultimately the sooner your realize that you don't hold control of your life as much as you thought you did, maybe that will help. 

     Some people rarely credit anyone else but themselves for their success'. Arrogance - to say the least. It is a pity to see some that are unable to pick up on vibrations and accept that luck, good karma and destiny play a pivotal role as good fortune doesn't just follow people around. 

     Having wisdom and courage to accept difficult things is definitely harder. but better in the long run. Maybe what we want might not be whats good for us, who is to confirm or deny this? No one but time will reveal all. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


     As much as I'd like for everyone in the world to have the same views and faith as I do, there is seldom much I can do about it other than explain to those who are curious to know. Its one thing to want to spread the message of your beliefs but in my opinion it is unacceptable to go around pointing fingers and debunking others beliefs. It is not right or fair for people like "Best Selling Author" Robert Spencer to go out of his way to prove his point which is that Islam is a harmful, violent derogatory faith. 
     Terrorists are primarily the foolish and ignorant self-proclaimed message carriers but what excuses do educated, intelligent, supposedly peace-loving non-muslims have? The solution or rather the means to not aggravate the problem is to understand that one cannot combat hate with hate. More violence is not the solution to ending the prevailing violence and pointing fingers and spreading hate messages will not prove fruitful. 
     The solution is neither complicated nor far-fetched. It is the simplest act a man can do- look the other way, turn your other cheek. If you think about it you'll understand that it is difficult to hate a person who is humble and modest in nature. It seems almost wrong to belittle them and to use them as scapegoats.
     The Quran being an ancient Arabic text requires translating and even then a literal translation cannot be obtained. Essentially many parts of the Quran are written metaphorically as well as in a poetic manner- lets keep in mind that the method of understanding poetry is to read between the lines. Having said that, there is no "true" translation till date. The available translations are what seemed to make the most sense to the respective translators and apart from the translations, the understanding from it is open to each one's perception for no one can truly testify that their opinion and understanding is the true one. 
     I feel its time for people of the world to discover, shape and strengthen their beliefs and mind their own faith, practices and prejudices. Live your life trying to be the best that you can be, don't take the time out of your life to stop and call someone else's beliefs a bluff. Instead show tolerance and respect to others and others will tolerate and respect you. Its not rocket science.   

Sunday, September 9, 2012

     Islam has been a very misinterpreted and misjudged religion. What knowledge I write with, about Islam, is my own understanding and interpretation of the Quran and hadiths (sayings of the proofer Muhammad).  

    Very many times Muslims portray themselves and take pride in portraying themselves in a very extremist light. But then again, a sane person should be able to recognize the difference between an extremist and non extremist Muslim both of whom practice the very same principles of islam. I feel that that over-the-top outlook that they exhibit is their understanding of Islam. But that doesn't necessarily mean they are right and others are wrong. I happen to feel its not alright to strap a bomb to yourself and attempt to give out a message that way. That only proves their level of ignorance in terms of understanding the real philosophies that Islam teaches. 

   Take for example the word 'Jihad'. The word Jihad is an Islamic term. In Arabic the word translates as a noun meaning "struggle". Struggle for what or for whom? It does not say anywhere. But in todays world the word Jihad is loosely associated with terrorism and terrorist activities albeit most don't know what it really even means. 

   The Quran contains verses that encourage you to teach others about islam and how it is a way of life. It also says that no person should be forced to accept Islam without their will to do so. 

   Other verses talk about how people died for Islam in 'holy wars' against well mainly the Jews. It says in the Quran that any person who faces death defending their religion or fighting for religion gets a one way ticket into Heaven. Today's lazy ignorant extremist Muslims might be so stupid to think this to be their chance of a "holy war" and run around exploding themselves and killing innocent people around in the process. That is not a loophole you dull-witted dim-wits. That won't take you to Heaven. If only the irrationals would pause and really think about the outcome of their actions or even attempt to understand the philosophies of Islam, they would definitely stop terrorizing.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A definition of God..

During his whole life, the Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis (Zorba, The Last Temptation of Christ) was an absolutely coherent man.
Although he touched on religious themes in many of his books – such as an excellent biography of Saint Francis of Assisi – he always considered himself a confirmed atheist.
Well, this confirmed atheist wrote one of the most beautiful definitions of God that I have ever come across:

“We gaze with perplexity at the highest part of the spiral of force that governs the Universe.
 And we call it God."

“We could give it any other name: Abyss, Mystery, Absolute Darkness, Total Light, Matter, Spirit, Supreme Hope, Supreme Despair, Silence.
 But we call it God, because only this name – for some mysterious reason – is capable of making our heart tremble with vigor"
“And let there be no doubt that this trembling is absolutely indispensable for us to be in contact with the basic emotions of the human being”.

Friday, April 10, 2009


There was only ever one type of longing that I've felt. It is the longing for freedom.

Freedom to travel. Freedom to live as I please. Freedom to make mistakes and learn.

This is something that I need. It is not a want anymore, rather a need.

My heart aches when people around me are free to explore and discover the world on their own. I've always wanted that.

I've always wanted to go to Europe - To go backpacking through the continent to non-commercial cities.

To Ladakh- To go backpacking in Ladakh.

To England - To spend a summer in a cottage in the English countryside.

To Rome - To make a silly wish, laugh and then toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain.

To Africa - To volunteer to help the poor and diseased. To do social service.

To Goa - To street shop and meet eccentric people. To taste the fusion of cultures and write about it.

To Japan - To capture images of falling cherry blossoms. To learn to make a perfect sushi.

To Bangalore - To go to sleep happy and wake up happy, without chaperones this time. To bask in the weather.

To Tuscany- To inhale the scents in the air and exhale in awe. To not speak the language and befriend locals.

To Maldives - To relive good times. To detoxify. To relax. To just be.

To Greece - To take photographs.

To Makkah - To repent for all my sins. To seek redemption.

To Singapore - To eat everything I grew up eating. To feel like I did when I was a child, again.

To Madras - To live like its home. To not see anyone that I don't wish to see. To reconstruct a pre-existing life.